John Combs

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Shoulder Replacement

John injured his shoulders in the service and had two total shoulder replacements twenty years ago. When the prosthetic in his left shoulder started to fail, he was advised by the VA to find a doctor who had experience in doing prosthetic shoulder revisions. He decided to have surgery to revise both shoulder joints.

“Prior to the surgery I was just in intense pain all the time from both shoulders but the left one especially: it squeaked. I couldn’t lift up my arm to grab a cup for coffee out of the cupboard. I couldn’t do anything with it.

I saw an OPA commercial and met with Dr. Hall and his staff. He explained everything that was going to happen, from the anesthesia to the whole process. It was just a really good doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Hall did both shoulders four months apart. He spent a lot of time researching the components that he needed. My left shoulder was in really bad shape. The ball was separated from the plastic piece that holds the thing into place: it was all scratched and scarred up. When Dr. Hall opened me up it just fell into his hand. He put a new joint in, cleaned up all the scar tissue and that was it.

I have two functioning shoulders thanks to Dr. Hall. I can mow my yard, bike, go to the gym, do the elliptical, go on a hike and walk my dog. I’m a woodworker by hobby and I can do that and it’s just a great thing to do. I love my new life and thanks to OPA, I have a good quality of life now.”