Onsite Casting & Orthotics

At OPA, casting is a science — and an art.

OPA cast technicians are some of the most experienced in Alaska. They apply and remove casts and braces and instruct you in the use of assist devices to help stabilize and protect muscles and bones during the healing process. 

OPA stocks a complete array of state-of-the-art cast materials and hundreds of various assist devices (braces, crutches, slings, boots, and other items) in all sizes.

Meet Our Lead Cast Technicians

Wasilla Office: Jim “Buzz” Land, CSA

Jim “Buzz” Land is a certified surgical assistant and a formally trained surgical/clinical orthopedic technician with over 20 years experience. During his career, Buzz has taught the art of casting, splinting and wound care management to over 200 military and civilian personnel, including primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, medical assistants, emergency department providers, university nursing and medical students, and new orthopedic doctors. At OPA, Buzz has developed a reputation for turning casts into works of art, much to the delight of his patients.

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