Back, Neck & Spine: Common Conditions and Treatment Options

Conditions involving the spine and neck range from extremely painful and debilitating to chronic or nagging pain that over time can impact your mobility and quality of life. There are many causes of back and neck pain. And there are many solutions.

Common Neck & Spine Conditions
Common Neck & Spine Treatment Options
  • Customized home-based exercise programs 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Medication 
  • Traction 
  • Massage 
  • Lifestyle modifications

If surgery is required, the lowest-risk, most effective approach is offered to resolve a patient’s pain and restore function. Here is a partial list of procedures available:

  • Discectomy or Microdiscectomy: Removal of a herniated intervertebral disc to remove pressure from the compressed nerve. Microdiscectomy is a MISS procedure. 
  • Laminectomy: Removal of the thin, bony plate (called the lamina) on the back of the vertebra to increase space within the spinal canal and relieve pressure.
  • Laminotomy: Removal of a portion of the vertebral arch (lamina) that covers the spinal cord. A laminotomy removes less bone than a laminectomy.
  • Foraminotomy: Removal of bone or tissue at or in the passageway (called the neuroforamen) where nerve roots branch off the spinal cord and exit the spinal column. 
  • Disc replacement: As an alternative to fusion, the injured disc is replaced with an artificial one. 
  • Spinal fusion: A surgical technique used to join two vertebrae. Spinal fusion may include the use of bone graft with or without instrumentation (e.g., rods, screws).
  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint fusion: At OPA, Dr. Curtis Mina offers a minimally invasive procedure that involves the surgical insertion of three small titanium implants across the SI joint.