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OPA's personal surgery schedulers work directly with patients and all parties involved to coordinate and schedule the various components of your surgery — and to help alleviate any concerns or uncertainty you may have.

The first step is getting preauthorization from your insurance company...

Understand the pre-authorization & billing process

  • OPA will contact your insurance company to obtain prior authorization for surgeon and surgery assistant services only. You are responsible for confirming benefits for anesthesia and surgery facility services directly with your insurance company.
  • If you have private insurance, the OPA surgical care team will provide you with a surgery cost estimate at the time of the appointment. Once verified, OPA will call you to discuss your insurance coverage and benefits, your estimated financial responsibility and any pre-surgery deposits that may be required.
  • You will receive separate bills from separate companies for services related to your surgery:
    • OPA surgeon and assistant surgeon
    • Surgery facility
    • Anesthesiologist
    • Radiology
    • Neuromonitoring during some spine surgeries

We advice our patients to also:

1. Contact your insurance carrier for your benefits and any additional information you may need from them.

2. Contact your surgery facility to discuss their financial expectations. 

Surgery Facilities

Alpine Surgery Center 3801 Lake Otis Parkway, Suite 100 907-563-1555
Creekside Surgery Center 3831 Piper Street, Suite S-110 907-339-7800
Alaska Regional Hospital 2801 Debarr Road 907-276-1131
Providence Alaska Medical Center 3200 Providence Drive 907-562-2211
Alaska Surgery Center 4100 Lake Otis Pkwy. Suite 100 907-550-6100
Mat-Su Regional Hospital 2500 South Woodworth Loop 907-861-6000