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Foot & Ankle

Dr. Chang - Choosing the Right Shoes

Dr. Chang - What are Bunions?

Dr. Chang - Why Shoes Matter

Dr. Chang - Bunion Surgery

Dr. Chang - Notes on Shin Splints

Dr. Chang - Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Chang - Preventing Ankle Injuries

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Hand, Wrist & Elbow

Dr. Janowski - Mtn Bike Injuries

Dr. Janowski - Thumb Arthritis

Dr. Janowski - Wrist Pain DeQuervains

Dr. Ala - New Treatment Method

Dr. Ala - Carpal Tunnel Options

Dr. Ala - Numb Hands

Dr. Ala - Why Fingers Go Numb

Dr. Ala - Arthritis & Rheumatology

Dr. Ala - About Carpal Tunnel

Dr. Ala - Best Facility?

Dr. Ala - His Specialties

Dr. Ala - Stuck Fingers

Dr. Ala - What is Arthritis?

Dr. Ala -Painful Hands

Dr. Swenson - Meet Dr. Swenson

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Hip & Leg

Dr. Haughom - How to Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Haughom - When to Consider Joint Replacement

Dr. Paynter - Best Age for Joint Replacment

Dr. Paynter - Knee Replacement = Resurfacing

Dr. Paynter - Managing Arthitis

Meet Joint Replacement Surgeon Bryan Haughom, MD

Meet Joint Replacement Surgeon Tom Paynter, MD