Sven "Ole" Jordan

Dr. Chang fixed what other providers could not.

Trail runner Ole Jordan injured his Achilles to the point where he "couldn't walk to the mailbox." He sought treatment from a variety of providers and was told by more than one that he needed to stop running. Then he found Dr. Chang...and now Ole is running everywhere. OPA was proud to sponsor him in the 2016 Mt. Marathon Race.

Interviewed just prior to Running Mt. Marathon Race:

I went to several doctors and did physical therapy and after a month or so we get into drills or stretching and again my Achilles would feel like it in fact tore again. I went to a surgeon and asked him if there was anything I could do and he said, "ya, stop running." I didn't like the answer.

Then went to another surgeon. Again, same answer: "stop running."

So we went to OPA, saw Dr. Chang, and he felt my Achilles and instantly knew what was going on. He did a debridement of my Achilles and fixed, fixed it. And he was also knowledgeable about how long it would take to recoup from that injury.

To be here today, after finding so many people that couldn't fix it I'm grateful to be active and to be a part of this historic Mt. Marathon Race.

Post-Race Interview:

Legs are fine! Only thing that was barking was my lungs. They told me I couldn't run again or do anything especially this! It's monumental. Mt. Marathon was a big day.

I'd like to thank OPA for your fixing my Achilles. It was so bad I couldn't even ride my bike and here I am today doing Mt. Marathon. and I couldn't be more excited about it.