Rita Walker

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Thumb Surgery | Dr. Kornmesser

“Where my thumb bone joins my wrist was totally worn out. It was bone-on-bone and it hurt all the time. For about a year I walked around with my hands under my armpits because they hurt so badly. I tried various things, you know, taking different pain relievers, glucosamine, and all that kind of stuff. Nothing relieved it.

So I decided to come and see Dr. Kornmesser and he said, "I can fix that." I said, "Great, do it." So he did and I was very pleased. It was an outpatient procedure. I was there for maybe five hours total before I went home. Recovery was great and I started going to the physical therapist with no major problems.

I needed the other hand done and he was able to do it in time to save me an additional deductible — and everything is going great. I am happy, very happy. He is really a nice guy too. I really, really like him.

As far as getting in, the whole process is very fast, and I have rarely had to wait very long for the doctor, rarely. Renee, the surgery scheduler, was great. She explained everything. She was very efficient.”