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The shoulder has a wide range of motion thanks to its ball-and-socket structure formed by the collarbone (clavicle), upper arm bone (humerus) and shoulder blade (scapula). Unfortunately this construction also makes the shoulder relatively unstable and vulnerable to injury. Injuries are often caused by sports like swimming, tennis, weightlifting and pitching or other activities that involve excessive, repetitive overhead motion. Common injuries include dislocation, subluxation, torn rotator cuff, torn labrum (a cuff of cartilage), bursitis, tendonitis, impingement and fractures. Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat many shoulder conditions. In very severe cases that do not respond to conservative treatment, shoulder replacement may be necessary to restore the patient to full motion and a pain-free state. Learn More.

OPA treats patients with shoulder issues virtually every day — and we offer many non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments along with more complex surgeries such as reconstruction and total joint replacement. Our shoulder team includes several leading physicians with shoulder expertise. 

Shoulder Specialists:

 Robert J. Hall, M.D.     

  Mark E. Flanum, M.D.      

 Christopher J. Manion, M.D.     
  Elisha T. Powell, M.D.
 Jeffery S. Moore, M.D.   Greg Schweiger, M.D.
 Deryk Anderson, D.O.    Tucker Drury, M.D.
 Owen L. Ala, M.D.
   Marc Kornmesser, M.D.
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