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“I think I’m set for the rest of my life.”  Hear more of his story  >>>

— Trevor Kirn

“This has given me 20, 30, years back on my life.
>>> Full Story & TV Spot    >>

> ADN "Alyeska Ironman Skier" Article

— Gary Mashburn
Double Knee Replacement Patient

“I'm kinda hoping now with this new hip I'll be dancing on tables again…” 
Read More >>>

— Janice Henderson
Anterior Hip Replacement Patient

“From talking with the PA, there were several things that she suggested, and the first one was physical therapy…”  Read More >>>

— Athena Fulton
Mother of Hand Patient Braeden Fulton

“I'm am so much happier now after the surgery than before…I love my new life!”  Read More >>>

— John Combs

Shoulder Replacement Patient

“The healing started and I'm like wow, I'm dancing, I'm skiing, I'm gardening…I wake up and my feet hit the floor happy!”  Read More >>>

Barbara Chambers

Spine (Scoliosis) Patient


“It has just changed my life so dramatically it is wonderful.”

“After the surgery and some physical therapy and exercise my hip is just like new!”  Read More >>>

Kathy & Jim Kincaid 
Joint Replacement Patients

“I healed up remarkably fast and had very little irritation after surgery. I was so impress by it.”  Read More >>>

— Melanie Ellis

Skier's Thumb Tendon Repair Patient


“I needed the other hand done and he was able to do it in time to save me an additional deductible – and everything is going great.”  Read More >>>

— Rita Walker 

Thumb Surgery Patient

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They’re professional, they know their stuff, and I feel comfortable and welcomed.”  Read More >>>

— Brezlin Castle

Bunionectomy Patient

“The injury I had was an 18-month recovery, but I am already mountain biking and skiing at nine months.”  Read More >>>

Abbie Baugh, Athlete

Knee Surgery Patient

“I had (elbow) surgery and have had incredible success. ...I have already recommended OPA.”  Read More >>>

— Cynthia Decker, RN & Athlete

Elbow Surgery Patient


“I could go on about all the good experiences that I have had with this office.  It was never awkward, not even my first visit.”  Read More >>>

— Joshua Wilson, Firefighter & Athlete

Spine Patient


“I had both knees done at once and the next day I was up and walking down the halls.”  Read More >>>

— William Carr

Double Knee Replacement Patient

“My experience was awesome. I felt for the first time that somebody was really listening.”  Read More >>> 

— Carey Hejl

Spine Patient


“OPA has always been there for my athletes – and me.” 

— Tom Ritchie, Athletic Director

Injury Walk-in Clinic Patient

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