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With the body’s critical nerve supply — the spinal cord — running through the spine, back and neck issues can impact virtually any part of your body. Conditions involving the spine and neck range from extremely painful and debilitating to chronic or nagging pain that over time can impact your mobility and quality of life. 

Injuries to muscles, disks, bones, ligaments and nerves may all result in serious back pain. The spine may also be affected by poor posture, arthritis, scoliosis, or other degenerative disorders. There are many causes of back and neck pain. And many solutions. Learn More.

At OPA, many cases of back pain can be managed conservatively via lifestyle modifications, which may include an individualized exercise regime, weight loss, medication, traction and massage. If surgery is required, the lowest risk, most-effective approach is offered to resolve a patient’s pain and restore function. 

OPA’s spine specialists offer comprehensive spine treatment options — and lead the way in minimally invasive treatments. Our surgeons were the first in Alaska to perform the minimally invasive IO Flex lumbar decompression. 

Both our spine surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained in spine surgery, and their respective PAs have extensive spine training as well.  Dr. James Eule specializes in non-operative and operative treatment of complex cervical and lumbar spine conditions, including artificial disc replacement, and is a recognized expert in scoliosis treatment. Dr. Flanum is fellowship trained in both spine surgery and sports medicine. He provides minimally invasive and non-operative treatment for the full range of conditions of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, including disk herniation, spinal deformity, fractures, spinal stenosis and more.

Neck & Spine Specialists:

 James M. Eule, M.D.    

 Mark E. Flanum, M.D.     

 James Glenn, PA-C   Mike Dyches, PA-C
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