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Now folks who get injured in the Valley region can walk-in to our Wasilla clinic and be seen by one of our board-certified orthopedic surgeons in the Valley, Tucker Drury, MD or Deryk Anderson, DO. (Experienced orthopedic surgical PA-Cs may assist with Walk-in at a later date.) 

Our walk-in clinic has been well received in Anchorage, helping patients avoid the long waits and high cost of hospital emergency services, redundant care and follow up delays. We are pleased to offer the same convenience to your Valley patients. If you're injured in Anchorage or over the weekend, you may visit our Anchorage walk-in clinic (M-F 12-8p; S&S 12-6p) and follow up at the Wasilla Office. 

On-site services at our Wasilla office include x-ray, mini-fluoroscopy, custom casting & bracing, along with a full range of medical devices. If urgent surgery is needed, Dr. Drury or Dr. Anderson can admit you patient to a hospital and be there within minutes to perform the surgery. 

The Mat-Su office is located in the North Fork Professional Building, 1700 E. Bogard Road, Suite 102, in Wasilla. 

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