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Hip damage is most often caused by degradation of the cartilage that provides cushioning between the end of the thigh bone (head of the femur) and the hip socket (acetabulum). Common causes include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, bone irregularities and osteonecrosis (bone decay).  There are several surgical and non-surgical treatment options.  If joint replacement surgery is needed, this involves the removal of the damaged parts of the hip and insertion of an artificial joint. The new joint restores pain-free movement, which increases the patient’s mobility and quality of life. Learn More

OPA treats a wide variety of hip and leg conditions and offers comprehensive treatment options, including total hip replacement. OPA is a leading provider of hip replacements and revisions — and we pride ourselves on restoring arthritic patients to pain-free function that allows them to lead more active, fulfilling lives. Options includes Anterior Supine Intermuscular (ASI) hip replacements. This technique gives patients the advantages of less pain, quicker recovery and minimal if any restrictions after surgery. Learn More

Hip & Leg Care Specialists:

 Robert J. Hall, M.D.     

 Timothy Kavanaugh, M.D.      

 Mark E. Flanum, M.D.      

Gregory P. Schweiger, M.D.

 Jeffery S. Moore, M.D.  Elisha T. Powell, M.D.
  Deryk Anderson, D.O.   Tucker Drury, M.D.
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