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The foot and ankle are responsible for mobility and balance, and provide a firm basis of support for the body. They are composed of bone, ligaments, tendons, fascia, nerves and blood vessels and are very complex structures. Common problems include arch or heel pain, flat feet, sprains, fractures, arthritis and bunions and other things that can prevent normal foot and ankle function and cause significant pain.

The OPA Foot & Ankle Clinic treats a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions and offers comprehensive treatment options. 

 Foot Conditions Treated
 How To Choose a Foot Doctor (Orthopedist vs. Podiatrist)
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Foot Doctors & Foot Specialists:

 Eugene M. Chang, M.D. 

 Greg Schweiger, M.D.     

 Deryk Anderson, D.O.
 Emily Seidl, PA-C
  Tucker Drury, M.D.  
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